Mobile photovoltaic power

The Sana Vivo photovoltaic power supply has the particularity of being mobile because it is mounted on a trailer. Three attachment systems are provided so that the feed can be towed by a car, motorbike or donkey..


  • It is mobile, therefore very flexible in use ;
  • It can be completely dismantled and all the elements, in particular the photovoltaic panels, are protected during movement;
  • The Fountain of Life can also be stored on the food trailer for transport ;
  • We can add an additional generator to continue working out of the sun.

Flexible tanks

The flexible tanks that we offer in the Fontaine de Vie kit are the ideal solution to easily ensure a temporary or long-term water reserve.

The installation of traditional networks and infrastructure providing access to drinking water is a difficult operation for isolated or specific sites. Meeting storage needs, the flexible drinking water tank is the perfect complement to La Fontaine de Vie since it allows the treated water to be protected from any external contamination.

The flexible drinking water tank is made from a textile coated with plastomer. It is a reliable, economical, ecological and sustainable solution. The range of flexible tanks extends from 1m3 to 1000m3.

Possibility of tailor-made tanks (eg for donkey cart, motorcycle taxi, Pick-up)


  • Speed of implementation ;
  • Possibility of custom-made manufacturing ;
  • Small empty space ;
  • Good resistance ;
  • Potability certification ;
  • Low prices.